Way out West, Saturday 11th August 2012, Slottsskogen

Way out West 2012

Due to Fridays sorrow drowning exuberance Saturday should have been a white day with alcohol being the unwanted wingman, however with panic setting in 10 minutes before the booze supermarket closes a mad dash along Vasagatan would have been seen by few and remembered by none. But thankfully after limited deliberation, a low rent bottle of rosé was chosen on warm drinkability merit.

Luckily with King Krule being the latest artist to pull out, a few extra recovery hours had unexpectedly opened up before the days musically boozie exploits would begin. And so the short rosé tinted walk was upon me and due to the immense cloudy clamp that had fixed itself to my head was so unrelenting, it was a slow stroll, but a very worthwhile one. A$AP Rocky had been on my ‘must see’ list way before I got drunkenly lost looking for the Cosmopol stage at Roskilde earlier this summer (turns out I walked past it several times, I still maintain it wasn’t there). The latest & hottestly tipped hippedy hopper was mint! Managing to put on a show that kept the whole crowd singing and gyrating the whole gig through, which for a Swedish crowd is possibly a first for someone that isn’t Håkan Hellström.

Next up, the lyrical stylings of one of the godfathers of hip hop took to the main stage in the form of Common and his live band. He ran through a set that surely not a single sole worth their musical salt would have listened to and not recognised at least one song full of his lyrical bombs. But by halfway through, the thing that I am led to believe is called a ‘hangover’ had me by the beanbag and a bit of a self-pitying break was needed, so it was to pop out of the site, meet some friends who had made the musical pilgrimage and try and drink through the pain.

I’m not sure if it was the self pity or the red wine that helped but something got my mildly back in the game enough to venture back inside. Laleh was heard from one of the bars, not bad, but worked well as background music. The Royal Concept: if I hadn’t of known better I would have thought that I had stumbled upon a Phoenix tribute band playing homage songs for their idols. I hadn’t, don’t get me wrong they were good, decent songs that the crowd lapped up, but we already have Phoenix, we don’t really need Phoenix-lite, but still, I’m sure they’ll do well.

Next up some festival food, note to WoW, if your gonna go veggie at least make sure you make the food tasty. We were served up something that could have easily been taken from the depths of the bajamaja, fried up and slapped in a bun. Two quickfire slices of pizza pie later and Frank Ocean (the main dude I wanted to see) replacerists Looptroop Rockers stepped up to the plate, they probably shouldn’t have. I thought that it was maybe the doobie snacks that made them pretty ‘poor’ but apparently not. Miike Snow however rocked the doors off the Kasbah, showing why they are in such demand across the globe. With all alcohol drunk there was even time for a little movement in the form of ‘shameful uncle at a wedding-esq’ dancing (and I use that word in the loosest sense of the word).

3-D glasses at the ready the main stage crowed swelled to big in Kraftwerk anticipation. Legends, musical pioneers, ace tunes, but they could have done with a bigger TV behind them for the 3-D part of the show. Very good it was, it’s just that the images kept breaking the edges and losing some of their edge. The music was there for all to listen too but maybe if it was just said music it would have been more of an awe-inspiring gig!? Highlight of the gig, the comedy moment when a dude jumped on stage halfway through for a little dancie and the security guard sent on to collect him did his best Benny Hill impression and ran straight past him, comedy gold!

OFWKTA, well by this point the alcoholic thrashing that my aging body had taken was at its peak, so for the final song of their set that we got to see is a little foggy, however I’m informed that they were raucously good.

Stay out West – again, did you see the size of the queues?


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