Loney, Dear + Sea Lion @ Pustervik, 28th April 2012

Loney Dear

Half a year has passed since Pustervik closed its doors for a complete renovation, and the results should be pleasing to all, the old theatre has been transformed into a 750 capacity venue that can now lay claim to being one the best in the country. It is a major boost for Gothenburg’s live music scene, and the venue has a promising array of gigs this spring and summer.

After the official opening night featuring local stalwarts Soundtrack of our Lives, Saturday saw Swedish singer-songwriter Loney, Dear supported by Gothenburg’s own Sea Lion. Despite the very early start, there was a good crowd in for the support act, and they gave their full attention to the dreamy, ethereal folk on offer. Linn Österberg’s distinct vocal is perfectly married to Therese Svensson’s deeper tones, and the harmonies were crisp and tight throughout. Österberg’s gift for melody perfectly exemplified by tracks such as ‘America, why does my heart cry’, which has a verse to put many a chorus to shame. Seeing them on such a large stage had me wondering about the future possibilities of adding more instruments to the equation, without breaking the delicate nature of the sound.

Headliner Loney, Dear is a treat of a live act; his songs are often built slowly, layer by layer, until reaching a thrilling climax. He manages to combine an array of contrasting sounds seamlessly, going with ease from the subtle to the grand. Playing for well over an hour, the Jönköping born singer-songwriter didn’t leave the crowd short changed, and at no point during the long set were you looking at your watch. Add to all of this a bit of crowd participation and you have a great, often beautiful set of live music. I implore anyone who hasn’t seen Emil Svänängen’s live act do so at the next possible opportunity.

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