Jonas Schwarz – Six

Jonas Schwartz

Six is Gothenburg musician Jonas Schwarz’s first full length album, so named because of a somewhat unhealthy obsession he has for the number, which he avoids at all costs. Despite this, it is clear the curse of the number hasn’t affected the record, which proves to be a good debut.

Schwarz’s shaky, androgynous delivery makes for a great rock n’ roll vocal. His songwriting too, whilst on the whole fairly conventional, is strong throughout. The less engaging moments on Six are saved by the personality and character Schwarz puts into his performance and the personal, heartfelt nature of the lyrics are a good match for his vocal.

Opener ‘Excited’, the catchy and chaotic ‘You are hiding something’ and the excellent ‘A way to keep control’ are particular highlights here. The way Schwarz manages to express emotion on record makes me think that he would be a great live performer, and those of us keen to check him out get the chance sooner rather than later, as he hits Sticky fingers for his album launch with the superb Painted Oceans on May 4th.

Six is released today on Adore Music, buy it here



7 out of 10

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