Alexander Ringbäck & Blå Hunden + Be the Bear + Emmecosta – Real Indie @ Parken, 19th April 2012

Real Indie

Real Indie offers Thursday night revelers and local music lovers unrivalled value for money, 3 quality acts for just 20/60kr, depending on your arrival time, and drinks at far below usual Parken prices, it is a no-brainer really, and they managed to pull a decent crowd for their second night, something we haven’t always seen in the past with live music at this venue.

Opening act Alexander Ringbäck & Blåhunden got things off to a more than competent start with their bluesy acoustic folk, definitely worth further investigation, although on this occasion perhaps not quite done justice by the mix, as the vocal overwhelmed the instruments somewhat. Second up came Be the Bear, a vehicle for Christina Wehage’s mightily impressive vocal abilities, married with Mattias Bolin’s stripped down, thoughtful accompaniment. It was an enjoyable set of classy pop music, and Wehage is an engaging performer.

Headliners Emmecosta proved to be a highly polished live act, the core of the band having been together since 2000, so it is perhaps no surprise. Their brand of dynamic indie rock is well suited to a live setting and it is all delivered with a tightness and confidence that place the band amongst the best live acts in the city. Harmonic guitars, a strong vocal performance and a mix that was absolutely spot on throughout, ensured a strong end to an enjoyable night of live music.

Real Indie are taking a week off this week, and return on May 3rd, it is a night that deserves to be a success, currently offering the best value for money live music experience in Gothenburg.


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