Happy Hands Club – Parking Lot

Happy Hands Club - Parking Lot

With the release of last year’s debut E.P, Happy Hands Club gave a tantalizing glimpse of their potential. This week sees the release of their debut long-player ‘Parking lot’, and it doesn’t disappoint.

On first glance, it is a surprise that the band haven’t felt it necessary to include any of the tracks from their E.P on the album, which perhaps speaks volumes about the quality of material they have at their disposal. Throughout Parking lot, we are treated to strong tunes, a particular affinity for catchy guitar hooks and atmospheric production. Many of the tracks here are up-tempo and dance floor friendly with melodies that get into the head with ease, but the arrangements and structures are at the same time interesting enough to keep the listener’s attention well beyond the dance floor. The band are equally at home on more unhurried moments such as the beautifully simple piano ballad of the title track, ‘Parking Lot’ which brings the album to a dreamy close. So often good music can be let down by bad lyrics, but Happy Hands Club avoid this fate, and display an ability with lyrics that would put many older, more seasoned songwriters to shame.

Highlights on the record are hard to pick, the first single ‘Garden of Eden’, epic opener ‘A Green Dress’ and tongue in cheek ‘I never wanted to get to know you’ all score high, but as with most good albums, you find yourself re-choosing favourite tracks.

Happy Hands Club have managed to create an album that remains riveting for its entirety, lets hope it brings them the success that they deserve, thus giving us the opportunity to watch the young band further develop their sound in the future.

See them live at the release party for ‘Parking Lot’ by clicking here:



8.5 out of 10

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