Borstspindeln – När Ingen Ser På


Another contender to place within the ranks of the impressively endowed world of Swedish pop music, this album has many of the ingredients you would expect: beautifully sung, sunny melodies, that would be a happy soundtrack to many a Swedish summer.

När Ingen Ser På rarely strays from rather safe territory, and the crystal clean production perhaps leaves it all with a somewhat sterile feel. There are some real pop gems to be found here though, and you will not come across too many better this year than the excellent ‘Den natten’. Indeed, the songwriting throughout is typically flawless, displaying an effortless ability with melody that I seem to write about quite often on these pages, whilst perhaps just lacking that bit extra to take it to the next level. The album ends on a remix of the opening track Bort Från Dig, and the beats seem to suit Borstspindeln, perhaps offering a glimpse of a worthwhile future direction for the band.

Whether or not they offer anything really special to the table is a matter for debate, but certainly Borstspindeln are a worthwhile addition to a side of Swedish music already bursting with quality.



6.5 out of 10

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  1. […] första recension av Borstspindelns debutalbum ”När Ingen Ser På” finns på InMyKitchen nu. Albumet släpps imorgon och bandet spelar i Östersund på torsdag! Share this: Taggad […]

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