Den Svenska Björnstammen @ Trädgår’n, 9th March 2012

Den Svenska Björnstammen

Music is, and should be, a subjective beast. There would be very few people who came home from Trädgår’n on Friday night not 100% satisfied with this performance from Den Svenska Björnstammen, and very few of them would agree with my assertion that this techno-pop act are best avoided.

In a heaving venue, the band had the young crowd in the palm of their hands from the outset, and in terms of execution and delivery could not really be faulted. It is the music that I cannot get on with, some kind of a mix between europop, boyband and techno, all played with massive enthusiasm and big grins. Granted, the single which took them to number 1 here in Sweden ‘Vart jag mig i världen vänder’ has all of the elements of a good pop song, but a full set is something I will not wish for again. This I am sure would matter little to the band themselves, judging by the response they got here, they are going to be around for some time yet.

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