Söderut – Steg


Electro-pop, recognised internationally as something the Swedes are really rather good at, and perhaps is now the genre that music lovers from outside of Sweden most closely associate with this land. Gothenburg based Skåne natives Söderut are the latest purveyors of pop to cross our ears and certainly don’t dissapoint on any level.

The songcraft on offer is largely faultless, and the production is in a word, fun! Not devoid of ideas, at no point during the album do you feel that you are re-hearing something over again. High points include the two singles ‘Kärlekspsykopat’ and ‘Dansande Homofober’, the latter of which has a chorus which is set to be firmly with me for the forseeable future. After spending a little more time with the record however it was ‘Fegland’ and grower ‘Pansar’, which emerged as favourite tracks. In terms of low points, for the sake of parity, I never warmed to the opener ‘Vad Hande’, and in fact became more certain that it was the weakest of the 9 tracks with every listen.

This is an accomplished pop album, and sounds like an album, rather than a disjointed set of songs that have been thrown together. Synth’s and more organic instrumentation are blended together seamlessly and both musically and lyrically, there is rarely a dull moment.




7 out of 10

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