Be the Bear – Fireships

Be the Bear

Nobody can accuse Be the Bear of being one-trick ponies, eack of the 5 tracks here being as diverse as the next. Opener ‘Had to get out of bed’ is the most straight-up pop song on the EP and at a trim two and a half minutes is a brief, solid opener, neither wowing the listener or out-staying its welcome. Second track ‘Exploceans’ is a different beast altogether, with a brooding verse that brought to mind Portishead and complete with a memorable chorus makes this perhaps the stongest track on the E.P.

It is quite a set of pipes that vocalist Christina Julia Wehage has been blessed with, her remarkable voice getting a full workout on the acoustic, folk-tinged ‘Howl’. Up next ‘All people are angels’, whilst probably my least favouite track here, there is little doubt that the made for radio chorus gives this song great commercial appeal. Final track ‘2 Souls’ is probably a good example of what Be the Bear are all about, Scandic pop with an experimental edge all underpinned with Wehage’s fine voice.

With a 2012 tour in the pipeline we suggest keeping your eye’s & ear’s peeled for this local duo. People, you have been advised!



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