Petter Seander – Till Death do Us Apart

Petter Seander

Undeniably upbeat as a whole, and at times eminently danceable, Till Death Do Us Part is a good, if not spectacular slice of Swedish pop, underpinned with solid indie sensibilities. The most dancefloor friendly of the tracks on offer here are the 2 openers, the latter of which ‘When someone dies’ is particularly fine fare, and a worthy lead single. The album also has its mellower moments, although ‘My fumbling hands’ and the final track ‘This is where it ends’ are not, to my ears, the best things on offer here and they leave me a little underwhelmed. ‘Turn out the lights’ offers a better example of Seander in more low key mood.

Seander knows how to craft a sophisticated pop song, and there are tracks here that radio would eat up. As well as the two openers, tracks such as ‘Cant stop me now’ and ‘Whispering Pines’ would not sound amiss on the mainstream airwaves. Sweden seems to do a good trade in thoughtful pop and Petter Seander certainly deserves his place amongst a growing list.



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