Ewert and the Two Dragons

Ewert and the Two Dragons – Good Man Down

Recent IMK sessionists Ewert and the two Dragons are an Estonian four piece, recently over on this side of the Baltic ahead of the release of Good Man Down, their second long-player, released on the rather unimaginitively named Latvian label I Love you records over there, but due to be released on Gothenburg based label Adore Music on these shores. Already a considerable success in their homeland and in neighbouring Latvia, this week sees the band play sell out shows at The Tallin Concert Hall and The Riga Palladium.

The album starts with a couple of fine tracks, leaving you wondering if the band have used up their two biggest chorus`s in the opening two tracks: The sunny simplicity of “(In the end) Theres only Love” and the radio friendly title track, which has a chorus so memorable it had me racking my brains wondering if I heard the melody before. Things stay in a similar vein with “Jolene” before the middle of the album takes us into darker territory, with minor keys and more introspective lyrics. Rootsy gem “The Rabbit” comes as a nice suprise, and after several listens may be my pick of the songs here, it is followed by “Road to The Hill” which reminded me of something Crowded House frontman Neil Finn would have written 20 odd years ago (not neccessarily a bad thing). Penultimate track “Falling” is a rather pedestrian number which would have done just fine as a B-side, quality is however restored with “You had me at hello” a fitting final track, complete with epic moments.

Overall, its a very decent album indeed, and is at times excellent. Strong on melodies and harmonies, they have a radio friendly appeal which could well see them taste success further afield than the Baltic States.

Good Man Down is released in Sweden on Adore Records Today (9th November), get your copy here


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