Norbert med Vänner – 12th of May

Norbert med Vänner

Just a three track taster from Örebro’s own Norbert med Vänner, beginning with the accomplished “Table for two”, a melodic cracker with a pleasingly rousing finish that brings to mind Nebraskan singer-songwriter Josh Rouse. Next up is “Cellmate”, which doesn’t quite hit the spot like the opener but is a decent enough ballad nethertheless and I was as yet undecided on the big guitar solo . Finally, the EP’s namesake “12th of May”, this gives more of an indication of what the band are about and on a few listens starts to wedge itself firmly into the mind. Three tracks is not much to go on but there is more than enough in these songs to suggest they are band well worth keeping tabs on, clearly with a tendancy towards the romantic and with melody to burn It will be interesting to see what they can do with a ten track album.



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