Ryan: How did the band start out/come about?

Jim: Slutet was never meant to be a band, the music was just something I had to do to keep me sane. I was on the verge of insanity when everything crumbled down on me and I poured it into four songs on my organ at home in just two days. My father lost his legs and then finally his life at the same time as the love of my life left me and as I made the music I also realized how fake I thought almost all music is nowadays, it´s just a product of broken heart-stories sold in 3 minutes formats while I felt that the music I had made was something I felt was true.

Since the songs did hurt as much in the ears as in the heart as I recorded them on a dictaphone I didn´t think anyone other than myself would appreciate them, but when they leaked out to my closest friends they were well received as something unique and because of that I booked a gig before the band even existed at the biggest festival in my hometown Helsingborg to force myself to take it to the next level. Suddenly we were four people in the rehearsal studio just a few days before the festival and the songs sounded nothing like the songs I had made at home but I loved the new sound and embraced the idea of always letting new people be in the band. Only in that way the songs would never be as forced and fake and repetitive as all other music I was against. And here we are today.

R: With a seemingly large number of people in the band how does the song writing process work?

J: The music pretty much writes itself and just uses us as tools to make up the landscape of sounds.

R: You have just released a split EP with k0NG, how did that come about?

J: I heard two demo songs with them for many years without having any idea of who they were, I can´t even remember how I found the songs. The years went by and suddenly I found out who the members were by accident and when I realized that I knew them I pretty much forced them to make the songs for real by presenting the idea of releasing a split EP with Slutet.

R: Is the plan to release more of your songs in this way or is the next aim to get in the studio and record an album?

J: I love the way that Slutet and k0NG uses the same dark and at the same time beautiful sound but in two completely different ways and therefore I loved the idea of us doing the EP together and we are currently working on a split single with k0NG to be released in December as a follow up to the EP. I always want to find new ways to release songs though so I have like five releases in my head right now waiting to be realized, but the ideas change all the time.

R: What inspires you and your music?

J: Life, death and life after death.

R: What is the next step for the band?

J: I hope I will never know because I always want to be as surprised as the listeners by where the band goes.

R: What is your opinion of the music industry at the moment? Do you think the future is for physical releases or more leaning to mp3/downloads through the internet?

J: I think you should embrace the future and stop complaining that the music industry will die because of it, because I also embrace the death of the traditional music industry that only exists because of money. When music companies take artists to court complaining that the artists make non commercial albums then you know where the music industry is at.


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