Göteborg local Simone Andersson Wingfors, a.k.a. Skatan is due to release her debut album We Are All Children with Different Titles on the 4th August 2010, so I took advantage of the Swedish sunshine and the Rooibus, Orange and Elderflower tea at cafe ……… to sit down and have a little chat with the stealer of shiny things.

Lets kick this off in traditional fashion with the first question and try to find out a little bit about your first adventures along the path to where you are now.

How did Skatan come about and how has it been going between then and now?

I started off when I was maybe 14/15 years old playing in a band called Blame the Pony while I was at school, towards the end I kind of got tired of the whole band ethic and trying to keep everyone organised so I decided to go it alone. It was maybe 3 years ago that I started playing under the name Skatan, and writing new songs to play solo, and then in the winter of 2008 I released an EP and started to play a few gigs around town to support it. Sometime in spring 2009 I played at the House of Win Win and this is when I met my manager Christian.

And since then you have gone on to record your album:

Yeah I recorded my album last spring at Rill Spector Studios with Rickard Hallin, who also recorded my EP.

How was the recording process?

It was so relaxed and easy recording with Rickard, both for my EP and this album that it took a week from start to finish to put down the tracks. I had some friends play on the album as well, Johan Malmstedt (guitar), Manfred Obenius (Double Bass), Linda Andersson (Drums, accordion) and Viktor Hallin (drums) so it was quite nice, and I’m looking forward to playing again with a band behind me.

When you sit down to write how do you go about it?

To be honest I just normally sit at the piano and just play around, I normally write the music first as I find it’s easier to get the melodies and then write the lyrics around that rather than the other way around.

What influences you and your music?

It’s not just music that I find inspiration in, I watch films and gain a lot of inspiration from them as well as music from them, people like Yann Tiersen, who produces a lot of scores for films. On the musical side I listen to Coco Rosie, José Gonzales, Beach House (who she recently supported when they played Pustervik earlier this year), Efterklang (another recent support slot with the Danes) and also a lot of Balkan and Ska music.

Can you tell us a little bit about this record and the songs that are on it?

This album has songs both old and new on it. I picked some songs that I wrote a long time ago, and one of them is even about 3 years old. Over the past 6 months I’ve been very productive and by the time the album was recorded I had 10 new songs.

And what are the plans for the future?

Well I’m just about to go to a festival in Guča in Serbia and then after I’m travelling to play a few gigs in France and then when I get back its time to support and promote the album.

And that was that, and with this prolific period of song writing at the moment, don’t be surprised if album number 2 isn’t too far off!


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